At JenuKallu Valley Retreat, we help you get closer to nature by offering a platter full of activities that let you choose your activity level and the degree of separation from Nature.

Activities at Jenukallu Valley Retreat has been carefully designed keeping in mind the myriad tastes of our guests. You can walk around estate experiencing each and every aspect which nature has to offer, from the tall trees to the creepers and of course – coffee. You can see how coffee is plucked and infact you can pluck some of them for yourselves. If you are of the adventurous kind, you can choose from the activities below.


If you are an avid trekker then you are at the right spot.

The western ghats is a trekkers paradise. A trek to JENUKALLU mountain, which is the second highest peak in Karnataka will be the most memorable experience.

From the top of Jenukallu Mountain on a clear day, one can see the coast of Arabian Sea in Mangalore. Needless to say, you will be on top of the world after climbing the peak of JENUKALLU. If you are not interested in long distance treks, then the mountain which stands right next to the resort is the place for you. You can watch the beautiful sunset and sunrise and of course the mesmerizing landscape of western ghats.

Jungle Treks

We arrange for jungle treks based on requests.

You will get a chance to camp in the jungle and experience the wilderness.

Outdoor Activities

  • Volleyball
  • Football
  • Shuttle
  • Kite Flying
  • Cricket
  • Camp Fire
  • Fishing
  • Visit to nearby water Falls

Nearby Places to See

Click on the links above for more information about the places to see.

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Nearby Places to See

Subramanya & Dharmasthala

Kukke Subramanya is around 60Kms from our resort. The holy hindu temple located in the scenic westen ghats will bring peace and devotional mind set in you. The holy dip in the river kumaradhara and your prayer to Subramanya will never go wasted. God will bless you with all that you wish for sure. (left photo))

Shri Kshetra Dharmasthala is one of the important temple town in Karnataka in Belthangady taluk of Dakshina Kannad district. Dharmasthala is situated in the middle of the Western Ghats on the banks of the Nethravathi river in Karnataka. (right photo)

Dharmasthala is only 70Km from our resort.

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Belur – World Heritage Temple Site

This quaint hamlet - 38 kms from Hassan - is located on the banks of the river Yagachi. It was once the capital of the Hoysala Empire, today made unforgettable for its exquisite temples.

The Chennakeshava Temple is one of the finest examples of Hoysala architecture. It took 103 years to complete and you can see why. The facade of the temple is filled with intricate sculptures and friezes with no portion left blank. Elephants, episodes from the epics, sensuous dancers. They are all there - awe-inspiring in their intricate workmanship. Inside are hand-lathe-turned filigreed pillars.

The Veeranarayana Temple and the smaller shrines are well worth a visit.

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Halebid – World Heritage Temple Site

Former Dwarasamudra in Hassan district is in Belur taluk and 27 kms away from Hassan and was the capital of Hoysala after Belur. The Hoysaleswara Temple, dating back to the 12th century, is astounding for its wealth of sculptural details.

The walls of the temple are covered with an endless variety of gods and goddesses, animals, birds and dancing girls. Yet no two facets of the temple are the same. This magnificent temple - guarded by a Nandi Bull - was never completed, despite 86 years of labor. The Jain basadis nearby are equally rich in sculptural detail.

Belur is around 45 kms and Halebid is around 65 kms from our resort.

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Sharavana Belagola – Jain Sacred Temple

Shravana Belagola in Hassan District is 157 km away from Bangalore is an important Jaina centre. There is a pond and two stony hills, called Chandragiri and Indragiri. Chandragiri has the Chandragupta basadi of the Gangas and the Parashwanatha basadi here is the biggest.

The town below the hill has the Jaina matha whose walls have very old paintings. Indragiri has the Gommata monolith, 58' tall, installed by a Ganga general and scholar Chavundaraya, and also Siddhara basadi, Odegal basadi, Chennanna basadi and Chauvvisa Tirthankara basadi, and also the finely engraved pillar called Tyagada Brahma Pillar. The floral designs on it are excellent. To the north of town is Jinanathapura which has the Aregal basadi and the Shantinatha basadi of Hoysala times.

Shravanabelagola has over 500 inscriptions, and some of them are recording death by starving (`sallekhana') by Jaina ascetics and laymen.

Sharavan Belagola is around 100kms from our resort.

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Manjarabadh Fort – Heritage Site

On the top of Adanigudda, 6kms from Sakleshpura on the road to Mangalore, this fort has been built. Its purpose is not to enclose any town but is to serve as a point of political strategy in the form of a protection and control point on the enemies to the rulers. In order to subdue or attack the enemies who would infiltrate from Madikeri and Mangalore sides, Tippu sultan developed this fort about 1782 AD. This is neither a carved fort nor a quadrangular one, but of an untraditional form, with 8 angular limbs stretching in the eight directions. These limbs are built according to the rules of geometry. On the outside the fort lined with stone wall and guarded by the deep trench all around. The inner part of the fort is built of burnt bricks and binding lime mortar. At the geometric center of the fort there is a plus(+) shaped well with four outer corners four inner corners. Brick steps are arranged in order to claim down the well. At present the well is dry. On the banks of well are built two cool and exceptionally strong rooms, ment for preparing and storing explosive powder for use during war time. Along the inner flanks of the fort there are many rooms of diverse utilities such as Horse stables, Soldier camps, Guards service, food stores etc. There are defence chambers in all the eight angular corners in order to defend the fort by using guns.

The fort is well equipped with platforms for cannons and arrangements behind the wall sectors to stand in position for shooting bullets from guns etc. There is a secrete entrance meant for transporting raw materials to the open area within the fort. Thus the Manjrabad Fort is both attractive and deserving to serve as a subject of study, of all the forts of Karnataka.

It is around 25 kms from our resort.

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Gorur Dam –  Picnic Spot

The Hemavathi is impounded behind dam here, to form a reservoir called Hemavathi Reservoir. It is situated about 12km from Hassan to Arakalagud. The temple of Yoganarasimha here is the center of devotion. This town has contributed Goruru Ramaswamy Iyengar as a valuable asset to the Kannada Literary World.  At the entrance of Gorur, the paravasudeva Temple is also situated. In both the temples daily rituals of pooja and the annual car festivals take place, even today.

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